This series of videos is designed to support women throughout their pregnancy and into birth with simple, easy to do at home exercises. If you are pregnant, we would recommend trying these at home with your partner or support person on a regular basis to help decrease pelvic and back pain as well as facilitate better pelvic function in the lead up to your birth.

Standing Sacral Release

Watch Dr Lauren take you through this simple yet effective standing release technique to help ease the pressure throughout your low back and pelvic throughout the later stage of your pregnancy.

Side Lying Hip Flexor Stretch

This side lying stretch is easy to do at home and will help to decrease the tension and pain through the front of the hips as you get further into your pregnancy. Be mindful that this should not be painful, only stretch to the point of a gentle pull through the front of the hip and hold for 1-3 mins

Abdominal Sifting Exercise

This is the favourite of many pregnant woman as they reach the later stages of their pregnancy. The abdominal sifting exercise helps to take some of the pressure off the lower back area as well as helping to release through the uterine ligaments.

Pelvic Side Lying Release

This is a fantastic stretching exercise to support women throughout their pregnancy. Dr Lauren will share with you how to do this stretch from the comfort of your own home!

Forward Leaning Inversion

This exercise can be helpful in the lead up to pregnancy and even the birth to help support your baby moving into the best possible position in utero for your pelvis. Be mindful that this exercise is not appropriate for women with high blood pressure or dizziness. This can also be modified into an ‘on all fours’ position by coming onto the elbows

Abdominal Release Exercise

In this video Dr Lauren shares an easy release technique to support your through the later stages of pregnancy as the ligaments and hip flexor muscles begin to tighten up.

Pelvic Floor Relaxer

In this video, Dr Lauren shares an exercise to help with sacral and pelvic mobility throughout the later stages of pregnancy. It feels wonderful to ease some of the discomfort around your low back and pelvis.