Our Team

Dr Lauren Kinnane 

Hi I'm Lauren, the owner and director of Vital Health Chiropractic and I'm one of those painful but lucky people that LOVES what they do.

I've always known I wanted to help people...infact, along with completing my five year RMIT Masters in Chiropractic. I also completed a three year Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (yep 8 years of university, I thought I'd never finish!)

I'm passionate about working with children (and the occasional grown up) and helping them with  their motor and cognitive development, so they can reach their potential  physically and emotionally!

I've worked alongside allied health professionals in The Birth House in Geelong, Victoria, and spent two years in a predominately paediatric based practice in Hawthorn, Melbourne. It is during this time that I completed a two year post graduate Diplomate in Neuro-developmental Paediatrics to help babies and children with chiropractic care (that's right...more study!).

Each week I'm luck enough to working with well children for optimal spinal and nervous system function and also those with plagiocephaly, learning issues, developmental delay, attachment and breast feeding challenges, sleep issues, colic &/or reflux, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Congenital disorders and more.

When I'm not in the practice I love to bake (gluten free of course!), exercise and practice my Italian. 

Dr Alexandra Gadsden

Alex joined the Vital Health team in 2017. Having been adjusted from birth and having two Chiropractors in her family, Alex understands first-hand how Chiropractic care can benefit adults, babies & children with their physical & mental health, wellbeing and development.

Alex has is passionate about working with well women, and their families, prior to pregnancy and through to parenting, helping them to feel and function better. She has particular interest in supporting & educating parents on how to facilitate a great position for baby in the lead up to birth.

Prior to competing the five-year Master’s degree in Chiropractic, Alex completed her Advanced Diploma in Fitness and worked for four years as a personal trainer & group fitness instructor, focussing on dynamic movement and biomechanics. This, along with her Chiropractic training, has allowed Alex to confidently manage patients with varied health and fitness goals, injury and functional movement patterns.

Alex is excited to support people of the Lara community and surrounds on their journey to optimal health and wellbeing now and in the future. 

Dr Eloise Fleming

Kylie Sartori

Kylie is a fully qualified Naturopath with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and is qualified in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, and Iridology. Kylie is passionate about natural fertility, women’s hormonal health, digestive disorders and gut health, poor immunity, skin conditions, insomnia, anxiety, depression and children's health, kids and babies.

Kylie's journey to health, which now includes a nutritious whole food diet, herbal medicine, and living a toxin free lifestyle came about after her own experience with poor digestive health, food intolerances and adrenal fatigue.

Through nourishing her mind and body and healing her digestive system she has regained her health and improved her quality of life.

Kylie is a strong believer in holistic health and the healing power of nature and is passionate about supporting people in order to help them to reach their own unique health goals and loves sharing her knowledge on health and wellbeing.



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