Calling All Desk Workers…Our Top 3 Tips To Manage Your Tight Back & Neck

Dr Lauren & Dr Alex discuss postural issues that occur with extended sitting. Try our 3 favourite exercises to mobilise and stretch those tight muscles. You’ll feel less tension, less aches/pains and it will help to improve your posture too!    

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What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Listen to Dr Lauren, Chiropractor explain what Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Sensitivity looks like in children and her top tips to help manage it day-to-day  

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Tummy Time…The Easy Way For Your Baby

If you’re finding tummy time challenging with your baby, watch this video to learn from Dr Lauren (chiropractor), how you can more easily do regular tummy time without upsetting your baby    

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How To Stop Your Kids From Slouching

Every week in practice we see children slouching and hear from parents the ongoing battle to help them ‘sit up straight’! In this video, I’m sharing my top tips on how to improve your child’s posture and help to stop the slouching  

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If you sit all day you must try these…

Increased demands at work now mean that many people are finding themselves sitting at the desk longer than ever before and with less breaks :( There are a number of reasons why sitting is detrimental to our health…the most obvious of which includes poor posture with tightness […]

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Tight shoulders….Try these two simple foam roller exercises.

Our super busy lives nowadays mean that we have to sit more than ever…arghhh Sitting is not only bad for your posture but recent research shows that sitting also leads to early death :( In this short video Dr Lauren and Dr Alex share their two favourite […]

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